Your Childs Safety Is Our Top Priority!

Your child's safety is always our top priority. We look out for the physical well being of every child and activity we do, as well as the mental and emotional safety in the community atmosphere we maintain and build. We have a full time nurse on staff, with staff being trained for CPR & First Aid.

We ride horses, climb, take long backpacking trips — and teach safety as a primary consideration. A high level of instructor qualification, along with ongoing training and supervision are keys to an excellent safety record. In addition to using industry safety procedures and equipment, being safe has a great deal to do with using good judgment. As a parent, you wouldn’t teach water safety by keeping a child away from the water; you’d teach them to swim. But most importantly, you’d teach the art of judgment: knowing when to attempt something and when to retreat.

Self-confidence goes hand in hand with good judgment, and when we look out for the safety of ourselves and those around us we can find confidence, and the spirit of adventure in the things we do at camp, all while teaching them to prepare thoroughly and carefully for any undertaking.

Adventure and self-confidence can happen at any level, from an afternoon creek stomp to an epic high elements achievement. In everything, safety, preparation, and judgment are not only practiced but taught as a part of skill development. This approach helps children carry over an attitude of safety into activities well beyond camp. The art of discipline is as important a part of any skill as the skill itself.

Health & Safety Questions (6)

Here are some frequently asked questions about your child and their health at camp.

These documents are part of the camper application and registration forms. All children must have these documents on file with the camp health office in order to attend camp.
Activities are designed with safety features in place. Staff are trained in risk management. We are accredited by the Christian Camp & Association, the standard of the industry, for safety practices.
We are a gated facility, no one comes on property without receiving a gate code from our office staff with a strict policy for everyone must be approved. Trained security staff is on property at all times.
Any time your child visits the health office for any reason, an email explaining the incident will be sent to the parent. Urgent issues will be relayed by a phone call to a parent.
The camp does not have a camp Epipen to be used without written consent of a parent. If a child has a severe allergy or parents are concerned because of a strong family history, parents should send a doctor prescribed Epipen to camp. All Epipens in the health office are documented prescriptions for specific children.
Medications can be administered by the health office staff only if they are sent in the original container and with a note of signed consent from the parent. All medications in the health office are kept under lock and key.

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