Dyslexia CampAges 6 - 18
  4 Weeks  /  Overnight or Day  

Every camper is special, and each one learns differently. That means our diverse and highly trained staff work one on one with campers on a skill-enhancing program that is personal & individualized, sometimes even going outside the box/classroom to help them strengthen and grow in their reading & language skills. We use an Orton-Gillingham language-based teaching approach, which is the most effective and beneficial method to teaching dyslexic children.

Each day is also filled with a variety of fun and exciting outdoor activities on property that are designed to help campers with their creativity, self-esteem, confidence, & encourage positive attitudes. There are also weekend camping field trips to some of the most unique and highly regarded destination attractions, right in our own back yard.

Camp Programs:

Example Schedule

Click On Each Camp To View A Small Sample Schedule For What A Day Of Camp Might Look Like. Every Day Will Have A Variety Of Different Activities, Not Listed Here, To Experience.

8:00 AM

Welcome Tent

  • Opening Celebration
Each morning starts with a unique game or interactive experience to get everyone ready for the fun full day ahead.

8:15 AM

Pioneer Village

  • 1 on 1 Tutoring
Daily one hour intensive and personalized tutoring in reading, spelling, writing and composition. Using an Orton-Gillingham approach.

9:15 AM

Art Studio

  • Art / Science / Robotics
Every day we have fun with either an art, science, or robotics project that is sure to excite and challenge campers to use their creativity and imaginations to their fullest.

10:15 AM

Pioneer Village

  • Snack
The morning time is a critical learning time and a nutritioned body is also key.

10:30 AM

Shady Grove

Develop important reading and writing skills.

11:30 AM

Pioneer Village

This is designed to increase campers cognitive abilities and decrease their learning and social challenges.

12:30 PM

Fellowship Lodge

A delicious lunch is provided by Chef Dave and his Kitchen Crew.

1:00 PM

The Barn

Each week campers get to experience either one hour of Kentucky Wilds or Horsemanship every day. Campers develop outdoor skills, including orienteering, natural history, survival skills, shelter building, archery, fishing, etc.

2:00 PM


  • Outdoor Activities
There are so many outdoor activities to do at Potter's Ranch we can't list them all here but things like Archery Tag, Climbing Wall, Dance, Drama, Frisbee Golf, Team Building, Zipline is just the tip of all the fun we have every day. We have tried to list many of our activities and provide more details, which starts here.

4:45 PM

Outdoor Ampitheater

  • Worship
Every day we close with worship songs, scripture and reflect on the days experience that can challenge, uplift and encourage each camper.

5:00 PM

Outdoor Ampitheater

  • Pick-Up
For day campers, they go home for the day, for overnight campers they get some free time and wash up before dinner. Our Resident Program is not available this year, but we do have the option for families to stay on property on their own, call for availability.

8:00 AM

Fellowship Lodge

  • Breakfast/Quiet Time
Partake in the most important meal of the day, yum, then campers dive into God's Word for personal reflection and study, with guideance from their counselors.

9:00 AM


  • Good Morning Get Together
All together we start the day off positive, like a good cup of coffee without the jitters later.

10:00 AM


  • Activities
There are so many fun and unique activities to choose from, you can get an idea from the different program pages showing some of what we like to do at Camp and change it up every day so no two days/weeks are exactly the same.

11:00 AM

Activity Center

Continuing to adventure around the ranch we might visit the Activity Center where there's a cool hands-on activity and each camper is given a challenge to construct, figure out or create from inspiration.

12:00 PM

Fellowship Lodge

Delicious lunch is provided by Chef and the Kitchen Crew.

1:00 PM

Shady Grove

  • Activities
There's always a fun game to be played, like Sports, group game, or team building excercise. For the Teens we might visit the Paintball Field for some thrilling team action, or for Kids Campers we adventure out on a scavenger hunt.

2:00 PM

Main Range

  • Activities
Something we love to do at camp is visiting one of our Ranges, one day we could be using a fully automatic air gun, bow or something else, maybe we have a challenge to hit the apple from 30 yards or switch out the sharp tips for nerf ends and play archery tag.

3:00 PM

The Barn

  • Activities
Large group games are so much fun, never a dull moment we continue to pack the day with activities. Once a week we also make sure to take in the barn, plenty come in unsure about horses and come out loving every second from our non-threatening introduction to our animals.

4:00 PM

Around The Ranch

  • Free Time/Day Pick-Up
Overnight campers can play gaga ball, basketball, freshen up or grab a snack at the Trading Post! Day Campers goto the lodge for pick-up to go home.

6:00 PM

Fellowship Lodge

  • Dinner
Chef has prepared a delicious meal to top off the night.

6:30 PM


  • Cabin Challenges
Campers compete in unique cabin vs. cabin challenges! This provides an opportunity to win points towards their cabin’s score in the week long Best Quest competition.

8:00 PM

Fellowship Lodge

  • Chapel
The BEST part of the day! Campers gather for worship and hear a message from the speaker of the week.

9:00 PM


  • Devotions
Campers go back to the cabin to break down the days message with their counselor as well as talk about other truths. Lights out at 9:30pm to get a good nights sleep for tomorrows activities!


Potter's Ranch

  • Typical Day At Potter's Ranch
  • Monday Check-in 10AM @ Potter's Ranch
  • Sword & Shield (daily devotional)
  • STEM Activities
  • Game Time
  • Speaker
  • STEM Activity - Robotics
  • Free Time/Snacks
  • Counselor Time
  • Overnight @ Potter's Ranch Pioneer Village


Off Site

  • Typical Day For Tuesday/Thursday
  • Sword & Shield (devotional)
  • Tour Creation Museum / Ark Encounter / Secular Science Museum
  • Zip line @ Creation Museum
  • Star Gazing @ Creation Museum
  • Fossil Sluice @ Ark Encounter
  • Free Time STEM Activities - drones, robotics, Artemis Adventure
  • Overnight @ Potter's Ranch Pioneer Village


Creation Museum

  • Parents Join At Creation Museum
  • Pick up camper luggage @ Creation Museum parking lot 8:30AM
  • Parent Tour @ Creation Museum
  • Last Adam Video
  • Awards & Demo Program
  • Camp Ends @ noon

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