A safe place for kids to enjoy summer day camp

Staff Philosophy

A well trained, enthusiastic staff is the key to a positive camping experience for your child. We evaluate staff by their maturity, strong values, enthusiasm, and ability to be positive role models for children. All staff members undergo extensive training before the camp season, emphasizing safety, child development and so much more.

Potter's Ranch is the facility and staff that makes up Kids Quest, which is a full time, all year round Wilderness Retreat that accomodates thousands of guests every year, with particular care for Special Needs, Mental Illness, Wounded Veterans, and more. We are certified, and for several programs a training facility for the many activities we do at Kids Quest. (Camp Infinity & Conservation Camp has additional staffing & programs of their own; we work together for the Kids Quest Schedule)

In addition to the full time staff at Potter's Ranch, we also have specific counselors that are hired just for Kids Quest who go through our extensive and high standard interview process, looking for individuals who specialize in child nurturing, and teaching. There are many talents needed for all the many programs and activities we do at Kids Quest and with a general love of children, being full of energy and enthusiasm we also look for gifts like music, theatre, sports and science.

There is even oportunity for our campers who have gone through our Leaders In Training program to become Junior Counselors when they graduate our program and turn 16 to eventually become full counselors when they become adults.

Some Of Our Leadership Staff

  • Potter's Ranch Director
  • Day Camp Director
  • Art Camp Instructor
  • Archery Camp Instructor

Tony Vornberger - Director

  • Full Time: All Camps

Tony Vornberger has been in boyscouts all his life, and has been a Boyscout Leader for 20 years, as well as a Nurse for 25 years. Tony brings the experience, and safety mindset to Kids Quest, along with our team of people to ensure a successful camp in every way. Tony and his wife Debbie (who is also a staff member) have 3 fully grown children, (one of which is on staff, all 3 volunteer) with 4 grandchildren.

Chris Gerth - Day Camp Director

  • Full Time: All Camps

Chris Gerth volunteered a year before joining our staff full time in 2007 as Activities Director. Overseeing the many programs and camps as our Kids Quest Director, Chris has a heart for kids and working with them in our many activities and seeing them grow individually. Chris and his wife Jayme (also a staff member) have four children.

Allison Barker - Art Camp Instructor

  • Full Time: Art Camp

Allison Barker is a graduate of Antonelli College with a degree in Interior Design and has studied art formally for many years. She enjoys the different artistic styles and outlets as they express the majesty and beauty of Christ's creation. Allison has been married for 16 years to Aaron (our Administrator Director) and they have two beautiful daughters together.

Tracy Maxwell - Archery Camp Instructor

  • Full Time: Archery Camp

Tracy Maxwell has 45 years of experience shooting Archery, and approximately 20+ years of competitive shooting. Her family originatd a local club titled Boone Co. Bow Hunters around 49 years ago, and she emphasized safety as their #1 rule in Arhcery. Working with children and young adults has been a passion of hers to be able to share with them the skill sets and fundamentals of Archery.

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